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Voice, Data, & Mobile

Small business prices.

Big business features.

Moving? Need Caller ID? Want to improve your bottom line?

Unmatched Expertise

– Hundreds of customers that are small and medium sized businesses.
– Decades of Fortune 500 expertise with mission critical applications.
– With over a hundred retail wireless stores as customers, we understand your entire
communication needs phone systems, dial tone, long distance & internet as well as wireless.

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What We Offer

The last phone system you will ever buy.  It's not just the features!!

1. Our business experts start by working with you to identify your needs. Then we identify the features that will benefit your
    company the most, select the best solution, simplify its use, and train your staff.
2. We then protect your investment from becoming obsolete by continually adding the latest features. Imagine if your new car
    kept updating itself in 2010 and beyond!!!
3. Annually, our experts provide a no-charge checkup to ensure your business communication is running optimally to meet
    your needs.

Whether you want "Just a phone system" or "State-of-the-art functionality", Let's Talk

Voice & Internet

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Payment Systems

Increase traffic and sales for your store with: Bill Payment, PrePaid Wireless, Merchant Services